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About Us || Services || Service Area  || Requirements || Our Rates
Security & Privacy || Contact Us || Client Gallery || My Pet Family || Memorial || Links || Policies || Standards

Services Include but Are Not Limited to:

  • I provide excellent, loving, respectful life care of your pets
  • I provide fresh food and water every day
  • I provide love, attention, entertainment or cuddles & conversation at each visit
  • I provide potty breaks and cleaning up of any accidents each visit
  • I maintain a clean and fresh litter box for your fastidious kitty
  • Pet Taxi to or from the veterinarian or the grooming salon
  • I pick up the mail, papers and packages delivered to your home
  • I provide a simple home security check
  • I change lights, window coverings, radios / TVs to maintain a lived-in feel and look to your home
  • I take the trash bin to the curb for pick-up
  • I water a reasonable number of your plants

We are members of:

PSI: Pet Sitters International
Former Member

GNPP: Georgia Network of Professional Pet Sitters
Former Member



Pet Sitters Associates

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Pet Sit USA
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in the USA or Canada

National Association of Professional Pet Sitters : NAPPS

Special Assignments:

  • Medications are given to cooperative pet clients
  • Overnight visits (8 - 10 hours includes morning and evening visit only)
  • Equine Care is specialized and is accepted as a special assignment
  • Expectant mothers should not clean cat litter boxes - I can help
  • Other pet services needed? Just ask maybe I can help you or help you locate someone who can

Free Services:

  • Change lights, window coverings, Radios / TVs to maintain a lived-in look to your home
  • Bring in mail, newspapers and packages
  • Take the trash bin to the curb for pick-up
  • Water plants within reason
  • Provide Emergency Contact cards should you have an emergency and need help with your pets
  • Provide daily reports if requested, by phone / e-mail regarding your pets

If you don't have a pet but need to travel:

TPSPS may be able to help you here also. Visits can be made to your home to collect the mail and make sure all is as it should be. It is a terrible end to a trip to come home to the mess, expense and damage caused by broken pipes or water heaters, fallen trees in your yard, dead plants or a car that will not crank. Service can include but is not limited to the following:

    Eindy and a Fur Kid
  • Water plants
  • Gather mail and packages
  • Wind your Grandfather Clock
  • Crank your car
  • Flush toilets to show water usage and prevent stains
  • Change the lighting and window coverings
  • Check your answer machine for important messages (as a special request)
  • Forward your mail or messages
  • Make sure there is food in the fridge for your return (as a special request)
  • I do not provide cleaning or yard services but I can provide a referral to companies that do
  • Limited pool or pond maintenance with instruction and notice

The Pet Shepherd is not a security or home protection company but I can and do provide many of these services to my pet sitting clients and can provide them for you as well. Without a pet in the home our liability insurance is not in effect. Often a home that looks lived-in and has normal activity occurring will deter crime. I can act as a contact person for you when you are away if your alarm is "tripped". I can also get you back into your home when you lose your keys!

TPSPS Service Area:

TPSPS serves the Clayton County and N. Stockbridge, Georgia area. Our service area includes the following cities: Forest Park, Morrow, Jonesboro, Rex, parts of Ellenwood and N. Stockbridge, with zip codes: 30260, 30236, 30294, 30297, 30274, and portions of 30281.

Our Rates:

Rates are based on 20-30 minute visits and are tailored to suit the personalized needs of your pets. The customized care you request, the number of visits required to take quality care of your pet family, the number of pets and special requests, and distance are all factors that determine the rates for your service.

Our basic rate begins at $18.00 for each visit. Pet sitting for horses is special and differs from all other pet care, please call for rates and information. Service rates and service area are subject to change at any time. A small holiday surcharge is added for major holidays. A non-refundable deposit is required to guarantee service dates that include major holidays. Cancellation fees are in effect for last minute cancellations. We cannot resell time that has been expressly held and reserved for you.

(You will find companies that are cheaper but you will not find more responsible, loving or respectful care for your fur family and your home.)

As a Special Thank You to the Military & Emergency Personnel:

TPSPS offers a discount of our service fees only for the Military, Police, & Fire personnel living in the service area. We also offer a special rate for all middays that use our service 5 visits per week.

A percentage of pet sitting fees is donated to the Clayton County Humane Society, a no kill shelter in Jonesboro, Ga. CCHS always needs volunteers. Visit their web site:

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About Us || Services || Service Area  || Requirements || Our Rates
Security & Privacy || Contact Us || Client Gallery || My Pet Family || Memorial || Links || Policies || Standards
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